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Great, as usual!

I am very happy to secure my monthly bottles of Synflex for my senior dog. Her improvements in mobility have been noticeable. I’m so glad this formula exists.


He maintains a somewhat normal life with daily doses.

arthritis relief

Your shipment came before my current supply was used. I appreciated it because I will need the new supply while we are on a cruise in July. Thanks.

PollenAid Pollen Extract

Especially good for older men who have history of relatively asymptomatic UTI. PollenAid, taken three times daily, helps keep the bladder free of those pesky infections that can occur as we get older.

Very effective.

Great stuff. Have been using this for years. Relieves joint pains.

Excellent product! Has kept my knees from hurting for many years. During Covid when I couldn’t get Synflex for a time, I realized how much it helped me. My knees started hurting but when I got back on it, the pain went away!


Spears to work and at a reasonable price point.

Great product

I've been using this product for over 10 years and it continues to be my go-to !!


Good product with reasonable price

Synflex Helps Sore Joints

I'm a long time user of this product. It helps keep my arthritic joints feeling good.
I truly see a difference in comfort level whenever I've not had it to use.

Great addition to my vanilla whey shakes each morning.

Fantastic way to start each morning. Energy up, concentration up, positive vibes up.

Knee Cartilage

I've run for approximately 45 years and there isn't much cartilage left in my knees. I've used Synflex for the past 12 years. If I hadn't found it, I'm sure I would have had knee replacement surgery by now.

I was introduced to Dr. Tony's products through my chiropractor. Together I live a higher quality life. I have less joint discomfort and know without a doubt that I am drinking the very thing that gives my body freedom of movement, less stress. I couldn't be happier with how I feel.


I drink kidney tea with pleasure and hope it work good.

Love how the aloe vera helps my sinus problems! I think it is helping my carpel tunnel too!

Online. Order

Ordering was easy and product arrived when originally scheduled.

Worth the investment!

I have been using the Synflex product for 8 years now, following my hip resurfacing, and couldn’t be happier. As an avid fitness buff and triathlete in my 50s now, I needed this supplement to allow me to not only stay active, but competitive in triathlons and pushing my body hard with challenging workouts. I am grateful my Orthopedic Doctor recommended that I start using this type of supplement and that I found Synflex to be the best on the market!

Very pleased with my purchase

I like using Dr. Tony's Radiant Greens because it is so easy to get the benefit of eating more greens with out a lot of work and they taste good and everything in them is good for me.

Great product

The loction is great

Prostate Vitamins

Very helpful. Pollen extract reconmended by ny doctor.

Purity Products

These vitamins make me feel wonderful again! I'm a cancer patient and I go through 2 different types of treatments that leave me feeling weak and tired but with mags I can finally go to the beach and watch the sunrise every morning. A HUGE thank you!🌟✨🌟✨🌟✨🌟✨🌟✨🌟✨🌟✨🌟

Graminex Wheatgrass - 240 Tablets
Pvong P. (Portland, US)

Good ingredients

Oils of Aloha Kukui Nut Oil (Tropic Breeze) - 16 Ounces