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Great drug. Very effective for management of arthritis pain. Use allowed me to go from having right knee i.jectios e very 4 to 6 mo ths to no injections and use of MSAIDS . Highly recommend.

Great product

Great pick me up to start my day.

Taken For Years

I am 72 and have had no prostate issues even though I take Gramimex only one to two times daily. I also take sitosterol, pygeum, and saw palmetto.


This has helped my husband with his recovery from congestive heart failure. He hasn’t felt this good in years. Thank you


Helping my husband heal from congestive heart failure. He hasn’t felt this good in years. Thank you

Amazing Product

I can't say enough about Dr. Tony O'Donnell's Radiant Greens. Your body will benefit from all of the super foods. I have been taking it for 3 months now. I quickly noticed all of the toxins being expelled, but now everything is coming out much better. I highly recommend this for anyone, especially if you have some dietary needs. I love how it's a soft powder so I just put a scoop in my orange juice and mix it up in the morning. Quick an easy.


Perfect pill for your heart ❤️

It works wonders!!

I have always had issues with my knees and I came across Flexuron by chance. I thought what the heck, let's try it. So I put an order in... and started using it the minute it came! I have experienced nothing but healing since! I'm amazed at how fast it started writing and that I no longer have pain when I walk. I'm able to bend my knees though still working on putting pressure on them when getting down low. I've shared them with others as well!
Try them! You'll be surprised too!


I started taking these pills and hoped they worked. The results were very good because they work
I orded my next bottle and will continue to order every month.

Quality supplement

The combination of D and K 2 plus the zinc and Quercitin are unbeatable!


I have used Aloe Vera for 30 almost & recommend it to everyone! Aloe 911 is “handed out “ to everyone also so they can try before they buy but I do give your phone number to everyone also! I love your product!

PollenAid review

PollenAid does seem to help me. I think it is a quality third party tested product, backed by research and a quality company, who stand by their products.

Many benefits of Hylastra Gold

I have been taking this for many years, since it was known as hylastin. I began taking it for neck & joint pain, which it helped immensely. If I stop taking it for a few weeks, I can definitely tell. But the soft clear skin I have is a benefit I hadn’t expected! I recommend this supplement highly!

Excellent product

Radiant Greens are awesome!

It makes me feel clean and vibrant. Its a great flavor and easy to drink with my everyday diet.

Impressive supplement

I've starting on my 3rd month with Flexuron. I have been impressed with the product. Rarely do I need to take a to take any pain meds. I'm sticking with this product! It's made a BIG positive difference for me. I didn't take it for 8 days and could tell a big difference in my pain level. Once I started taking it again my pain decreased within just a few days.

Very good product.

I've use it for a long time.

Krill Omega 50+

I have been taking this for years. I have been diabetic for 33 years and I take this to support my cardiovascular health.

Oils of Aloha Kukui Moisturizing Lotion (Paradise) - 16 Ounces

great stuff

take every day

Incredible Products

I have been using Dr Tony’s Radiant Greens and Pomegranate for about 6 months now and my joints no longer ache. I have boundless energy, even though I am a 65 year old woman! I continue to work unloading trucks and stocking shelves and I walk over 6 miles every day. I have lost 10 lbs since starting it and when people ask me what I’m doing, I stress the importance of Dr Tony’s Radiant Greens.

Prior to taking Radiant Greens, I was in so much pain that I was looking into hip surgery. Radiant Greens has gotten rid of all of my inflammation in my joints. I highly recommend Dr Tony’s Product Line.

The 911Health Shop has the best price available when you use the “auto ship” plan.

My Doctor told me that if what they say is in these capsules it is very good for me, I feel great,no aches and pains,energy levels high.

Does H.A. Joint Formula work?

For me, absolutely. I've been on the product now for a little over a year and the pain in my thumbs and wrist dropped from a level 6 down to a 1. That means it dropped from hurting to not hurting. It has continued at that level for over the year.