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Synflex 1500

I love this product and have been pleased with the service that 911HealthShop has provided in delivering them on time.

Using it for both humans and dogs

For almost 20 years, I have been using the Original Synflex for both my dogs and me. My golden retriever developed a limp at 11 years old. After one month on this, she stopped limping and went on to live another 5 years. Since then, I have used it with 3 other dogs, one living to 19 and one going on 15 and another going on 3. I have also taken it daily myself. It is a wonderful product that makes moving easier and makes us all less stiff as we age.

Liquid Gold!

Synflex for Pets works wonderfully keeping our corgi who had surgery on both hind legs 6 yrs ago, moving well now that he is older! We have tried several other options through the years, but coming back to Synflex!

Arthritic Relief for Aging Lab

At 6 years of age out lab began to show signs of arthritis. She could no longer jump on the bed or run when outside. A friend recommended Synflex for Pets. Within a few weeks of giving her Synflex, we could see a noticeable difference in her ability to get around and an attitude difference. Four years later, Sally dog can still jump on the bed and seems happy. We continue to use Synflex for Sally and now the older German Shepherds.

It Works

A product that actually helps the joints and aches. It’s not a miracle cure but it is definitely a great help. My parents use it and we all are sold on the product. I even use it for our dog and it helped him too!

synflex really helped my 96 year old mom deal with arthritic pain.

Synflex 1500 Liquid Glucosamine with White Willow Bark Premium Joint & Cartilage Care - 32 Day Supply (8 Fluid Ounces)

Best out there

I’ve used this product for years and compared to others this product truly works!

Get back to running with Synflex

I love to go for 2-3 mile runs during the week, but at 51 years of age, my knees can't handle the impact like they used to. The Synflex Glucosamine product works! I have no pain after my runs and the product has some sort of regenerative and anti-inflammatory properties that strengthen my knees. I also give my old dogs this product and it has worked great on them too! One of my dogs had initial stages of arthritis, and this product got her up and going on long walks again with me. I strongly recommend this product!


Outstanding company


ONE OF THE BEST YOUNG LIVING THIEVES .. products and also a company with product knowledge and customer service care !


Extremely happy with the product, it really helps my joints

Synflex for Pets Liquid Glucosamine Complex Premium Joint & Cartilage Care Beef Flavor - 32 Day Supply (8 Fluid Ounces)

Used for twenty years

Both of my parents suffered from arthritis as they aged. I began taking Synflex in my fifties when I began to have minor stiffness in my hands. I have used it continuously since then and at age seventy eight, I have no arthritic pain. Is Synflex the reason? There may be no proof but I won’t stop to find out

It's good and it works!

Pomegranate Plus

Love love love!!! It's the best fruits powder to mix with water or shakes. Taste greats, the powder is fine like dust.

Glucosamine is a blessing for my dog

My dog suffers from serious joint pain that stems from several knee surgeries. The liquid glucosamine helps him so much. It's drug free and non-addictive, unlike a prescription pain medication. I have used Synflex for many years and would highly recommend it to any pet lover to help relieve their pet's pain.

Great Product

I have been using this product for many years. I am able to maintain my knee joint health while running 30 miles or more a week, even at the age of 60.

Purity Products EverStrong - 120 Tablets
Phillip L. (Sunnyvale, US)
Everstrong review

After about 30 days I noticed increased stamina, increased energy, weight loss, and veteran mental cognitive results.


I have osteoarthritis from a bone chip in my ankle that happened in my teens. For many years I suffered with terrible arthritis pain until I found Synflex. I've been using this faithfully for many years (I've lost track honestly) and it has been a lifesaver! I am 56 and workout (P90x, T25 etc.) and walk daily with no pain. I recommend Synflex 1500 to anyone I know who complains about arthritis. I've heard glucosamine may not work for everyone, but it definitely works for me, so if you're on the fence give it a try and see if it works for you.


Product tastes great and does wonders for my joints

Catherine's Choice Whole Leaf Aloe

I used this before in the 1988 and it healed my knee injury Now I have a her in a that gives. off acid refex a.British Working to keep the Acid Reflex in check

Good Product for Dogs

I give Synflex for Pets to my 7-year-old golden retriever to keep her spry as she enters her senior years.

Great product

I personally love Magblue vitamins , I appreciate that it does help me in my short term memory and just seem to feel better since I started taking it