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My Doctor told me that if what they say is in these capsules it is very good for me, I feel great,no aches and pains,energy levels high.

Does H.A. Joint Formula work?

For me, absolutely. I've been on the product now for a little over a year and the pain in my thumbs and wrist dropped from a level 6 down to a 1. That means it dropped from hurting to not hurting. It has continued at that level for over the year.

No bladder pain

I have been taken organic aloe vera now for three or four months and I have not had hardly any irritation or pain with my bladder. I take the organic aloe vera and I stay away from sugar and that has been the key for me to be pain free.

I think the body needs hyaluronic acid daily

Very good

Zinc Pro

This product has improved my Husky skin problem around her mouth. I would recommend this for a husky with a zinc problem.

flora [****]

Before taking the vitamin I was having trouble walking after a fall. Was using a walker. Now I can walk without the walker and getting stronger each day.

This is a very good product

I believe PollenAid definitely helps me. I take it daily and I can tell if I skip a day or two. For me, it eliminates prostate related pain and I think it also is good for general health.

Since I take it. My energy it's comeback

Allergy Control

Started pollen supplements a “hundred” years when my career had me working outdoors most of the time. Hay fever and other allergy symptoms were getting the best of me until I started reading everything I could to be proactive about making adjustments. My reading led me to pollen products and soon after I found the Graminex line. Along with other lifestyle changes I eventually became hay fever and allergy free. I suspect I also get some energy boost and feel confident in my prostate health and male functions at age 70.

Bell Lifestyle Products Ezee Flow Tea - 120 Grams
Leslie W. (Fort Lauderdale, US)

Tea is proven. Service commendable

911 Health Shop

First time I ordered from 911, I received my Curcumin almost overnight! Second time when it hadn't come for days and days I contacted you and you responded quickly to tell me pkg shippped day after I ordered but was delayed in transit. I was relieved to know it was on the way and it arrived shortly after that. Very professional on your end. Thank you for great personal service.

Pollen Aid

Nice products for elderly with urine infection.

Dr. Tony O'Donnell's Pomegranate Plus

I used to purchase Dr. Tony O'Donnell's Pomegranate Plus here locally at Healthy Habits Health Food until they stopped providing the product. I found it here at 911 Health Shop. I use it in my protein stake regime. I have more energy! Mary Gonzalez

Purity Products EverStrong - 120 Tablets
John P.P.J. (Chesapeake, US)
Excellent product

Very happy with the product. It works extremely well.

Bell Lifestyle Products Kidney Cleanse

It is AWSOME! Please do not discontinue. This is a lifesaver for me.

Speaking from experence

I needed to find a new supplier for this product, and your description sounded the most genuine. So far I have no probem and it seems equal to the best out there that was out of stock.

So far so good - I'm sleeping better at night, increase energy and movement.
Thank You

Good supplement

I always brought this

Great Vitamins

I really like the perfect multi vitamin with focus, I can tell the difference in how I can remember stuff.

Great product

I have been taking graminex products for years. They are really good & helpful fir what is claimed.

Great Product

My dad was having severe pain with his hip joints. This project provided great relief

The product really works!