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Amazing Product

I can't say enough about Dr. Tony O'Donnell's Radiant Greens. Your body will benefit from all of the super foods. I have been taking it for 3 months now. I quickly noticed all of the toxins being expelled, but now everything is coming out much better. I highly recommend this for anyone, especially if you have some dietary needs. I love how it's a soft powder so I just put a scoop in my orange juice and mix it up in the morning. Quick an easy.


Perfect pill for your heart ❤️

It works wonders!!

I have always had issues with my knees and I came across Flexuron by chance. I thought what the heck, let's try it. So I put an order in... and started using it the minute it came! I have experienced nothing but healing since! I'm amazed at how fast it started writing and that I no longer have pain when I walk. I'm able to bend my knees though still working on putting pressure on them when getting down low. I've shared them with others as well!
Try them! You'll be surprised too!


I started taking these pills and hoped they worked. The results were very good because they work
I orded my next bottle and will continue to order every month.

Quality supplement

The combination of D and K 2 plus the zinc and Quercitin are unbeatable!


I have used Aloe Vera for 30 almost & recommend it to everyone! Aloe 911 is “handed out “ to everyone also so they can try before they buy but I do give your phone number to everyone also! I love your product!

PollenAid review

PollenAid does seem to help me. I think it is a quality third party tested product, backed by research and a quality company, who stand by their products.

Many benefits of Hylastra Gold

I have been taking this for many years, since it was known as hylastin. I began taking it for neck & joint pain, which it helped immensely. If I stop taking it for a few weeks, I can definitely tell. But the soft clear skin I have is a benefit I hadn’t expected! I recommend this supplement highly!

Excellent product

Radiant Greens are awesome!

It makes me feel clean and vibrant. Its a great flavor and easy to drink with my everyday diet.

Impressive supplement

I've starting on my 3rd month with Flexuron. I have been impressed with the product. Rarely do I need to take a to take any pain meds. I'm sticking with this product! It's made a BIG positive difference for me. I didn't take it for 8 days and could tell a big difference in my pain level. Once I started taking it again my pain decreased within just a few days.

Very good product.

I've use it for a long time.

Krill Omega 50+

I have been taking this for years. I have been diabetic for 33 years and I take this to support my cardiovascular health.

Oils of Aloha Kukui Moisturizing Lotion (Paradise) - 16 Ounces

great stuff

take every day

Good supplemental

I love this so much

My Doctor told me that if what they say is in these capsules it is very good for me, I feel great,no aches and pains,energy levels high.

Does H.A. Joint Formula work?

For me, absolutely. I've been on the product now for a little over a year and the pain in my thumbs and wrist dropped from a level 6 down to a 1. That means it dropped from hurting to not hurting. It has continued at that level for over the year.

No bladder pain

I have been taken organic aloe vera now for three or four months and I have not had hardly any irritation or pain with my bladder. I take the organic aloe vera and I stay away from sugar and that has been the key for me to be pain free.

I think the body needs hyaluronic acid daily

Very good

Zinc Pro

This product has improved my Husky skin problem around her mouth. I would recommend this for a husky with a zinc problem.