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An old friend

I have been taking this multi-vitamin daily for more than a decade…in that period of time, I experienced better overall health. While I eat an excellent low fat diet with a lot of fish and salads, I do believe the addition of a vitamin supplement is a very good idea…particularly for those of us over 60!

Excellent cough drops!

Thieves cough drops are the best cough drop I have ever used!

In LOVE with this oil ❤️❤️

I visited Hawaii in November and discovered this oil. I have replaced all my moisturizers with this one oil. I can’t say enough good things about this oil. I have dry skin and this oil has turned that around for me. Try it! You won’t be disappointed

The best greens there are!!!!

This is the best greens powder I’ve ever had. I was lucky enough to actually meet and get to know Dr. Tony and he is genuinely concerned for people and takes pride in all of his products.

after losing part of lung to cancer, this has helped very much

great greens

I add these greens to my tea daily, great taste and helps give me extra energy I need to get through my day.

Easy to use

I add one full dropper to my bottled water each morning. My skin does not feel as dry and I think it may be helping overall. I am on to my second bottle.


Excellent product, Excellent Service.

Even Flow Tea for Men

The tea works well as usual. Couldn't beat the sale discount with the free shipping.

missing link skin coat supplement

So far, after one month use, this produce has provided the most promising results in soothing our dogs dermatitis..


Excellent product, it did what it say it would do. It cleans and leave the house with a nice pleasant fragrance.

The tea works wonders

I have purchased Bell Ezz Flow tea for the past couple of years and it works wonders. No longer getting up multiple times during the night. Going on long drives is no longer a concern of mine.
Keep up the good work
Joseph Esquivel

It works

I noted substantial improvement within about 3 weeks of starting Pollen Aid. Currently, I have only an occasionall, mild and transient recurrence of discomfort.


I have been taking Catherine’s Choice Aloe Vera for over 20 years. I worked as a mail carrier when I first started taking it; Carpel Tunnel had “invaded” both hands & wrists, but within bout 2 weeks (give or take) & only taking Aloe Vera, no surgeries, I’ve had no major issues with either hand. At 60 years old my body seems to have very little, if any, arthritis. I LOVE THIS STUFF!!! Can not be w/o it for more than 2 weeks or aches start accruing in my hands tho.


I was given a bottle of SportaRub by my Aunt and have used it...causing me to purchase more. I use it every night before going to bed and have a restful sleep.
Thank you for a great product!


Investment Account

Excellent product

I have purchased Catherine's Choice Aloe Vera many times. It is the best aloe vera I have tried. The quality of the product and customer service make this my first choice.

Didn't Help

Been using it for just over 30 days. Did nothing to help my problem.

Hello Joseph,

Thank you for your feedback and we're sorry to hear that the product didn't work well on you. Please note that because this is a dietary supplement, results may vary from person to person. Manufacturer recommends taking the product for 60-90 days for best results.

Young Living Bergamot Essential Oil - 15 Milliliters

Great product

I diffuse the oil and take a couple of drops a day

I like clear lungs for it really helps me breathe better