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Good stuff I’ve ordered more
It’s working for me

Glucosamine at its finest

Best stuff I have ever tried and the taste is good.


I like the oil a lot. It has a nice relaxing aroma

Dog loves it

Dog enjoys it and it helps with her arthritic hips.

Confusing Website

It wasn't clear what product I was ordering from this website. I meant to order the human version, but instead ordered the one for dogs. Fortunately I was able to contact someone at the website and they changed my order before it was sent. Otherwise, I would have need to return the order for the correct product.

Great product

I’ve used Synflex for years and have found it helpful. How well it works has been most noticeable when I’ve gone without it for a few weeks and the pain in my joints really picks up again. When I resume using it the pain diminishes significantly. I don’t want to go without it again.


Great stuff, been using for 10 years and feel great. Had joint problem in hips and shoulders is took away. Thanks


My husband has noticed both an increased functionality & a decrease in pain in his knee joints since beginning this daily liquid supplement. He also doesn't mind the taste (he mixes it with juice) & that's a good thing since he can be a very picky eater. He has expressed a desire to continue supplementation, so we'll be reordering.

Give it a try!!

Replaced my pharmaceutical medication with this natural product because it works for me!

Great stuff. I have been using it for over 20 years.

Lung health

This stuff is awesome

Good stuff. Not inexpensive. Been on it for 20 years thru various purveyors. Bottles had white caps now black. A bit more difficult to open. Now on auto delivery but seem unable to take advantage of bulk discount.


Great product, have used it for many many years.

Great Product

Easy to use & price is right. I've used this product on 2 of my previous dogs, both collies. You could see the difference, lubricated their joints.. Now I've got a Australian shepherd, 5yrs old. Started her a year ago.

I know it works!

I've been using this product for 15 years. If I stop taking it my joints start to hurt me again. MAYBE IT IS THE PLACEBO EFFECT BUT I DON'T THINK SO. My son gave it to his dog which could not walk upstairs. And five days later the dog was chasing rabbits.

Great for my old dogs.

All I can speak for are the results. Several years back, my 11 year old Husky showed signs of discomfort in his joints. I discovered the Synflex product and saw instant results. He lived another 4 1/2 years and never showed the discomfort as he had before. Now my other dog is aging and showing signs of joint pain. I started her on Synflex and again saw instant results. She is 13 now and she comes running when called just like old times. I don't know how long she has left, but she won't be in pain as long as she and Synflex keep wor
king together. My only complaint is that it has become considerably more expensive since they went to retail type sales. Service and product are still great, just a little more expensive than I think it should be.

Was very helpful and helped me get new schedule updated

Excellent Product

I love this product. If I miss a day giving this to my Golden I can tell his hip are painful. This is the best product out there. I've used others and nothing compares.

Best ever customer service

The USPS destroyed my order for whatever reason & I called 911 & they re-shipped at no extra cost!!! Amazing service!