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Purity Products Krill Omega 50+ - 60 Softgels

Purity Products Krill Omega 50+, Potent Natural Fish Oil Blend, Vitamin D, Daily Physical and Mental Support, No Fishy Aftertaste, 60 Softgels



  • Dual Source Omega-3s: Get the best of both worlds with Fish and Krill Oil for heart, brain, and joint support.
  • Better Absorption: Thanks to Krill Oil phospholipids, our Omega-3s are more easily absorbed by your body.
  • Supports Overall Health: Good for your heart and also promotes healthy brain function, joint comfort, and skin health.
  • No Fishy Aftertaste: Our LemonLock Freshness System ensures a pleasant experience without the fishy burps.
  • With Vitamin D Boost: Enhances bone, muscle, and immune health, making this an all-around wellness champion.

Discover the Next-Level Omega-3 with Purity Products: Unleashing Vibrant Health for Active Adults

Elevate your wellness routine with our groundbreaking Omega-3 formula, expertly designed for adults who prioritize their health and vitality. Purity Products presents a dynamic fusion of Fish Oil and Krill Oil, enriched with Astaxanthin and Vitamin D3, encapsulated in our innovative softgels to support your active lifestyle.

Experience Enhanced Well-Being

  • Dual Power of Fish and Krill Oil: Enjoy the combined benefits of Fish Oil's rich Omega-3 content and Krill Oil's phospholipids, delivering comprehensive support for your heart, brain, joints, and overall vitality.
  • Superior Absorption: Our unique blend includes phospholipids from Krill Oil, ensuring that the essential Omega-3s are easily absorbed by your body, maximizing the nourishing benefits.
  • All-Around Health Champion: This formula isn't just about heart health; it's your ally in supporting brain function, joint comfort, and maintaining a radiant skin tone, catering to all facets of your well-being.
  • Proprietary LemonLock Freshness System: Say goodbye to the unpleasant aftertaste often associated with fish oil supplements. Our LemonLock system locks in freshness, ensuring a pure and enjoyable experience without the fishy burps.
  • Enriched with Vitamin D: Amplify your health regimen with the added benefits of Vitamin D, known for its role in bone health, muscle function, and immune support, rounding out this all-in-one wellness solution.

Whether you're over 50 or simply seeking a premium supplement to complement your health-conscious lifestyle, our Omega-3 formula is tailored to meet your nutritional needs. It's more than just a supplement; it's a step towards a healthier, more vibrant you. With just 2 softgels a day, you’ll embrace the blend of tradition and innovation packed in every soft gel and feel the difference in your daily life.

Embody Vitality and Wellness Every Day with Purity Products—Your Partner in Health.


Purity Products has been a beacon of excellence in the nutritional supplement industry since their inception in 1993 by our President and CEO, Jahn Levin. Starting out in Great Neck, NY, they’ve grown into a trusted leader in health and wellness, committed to enhancing lives with superior supplements.

The Purity Promise is at the heart of their brand, ensuring that every supplement meets the strictest standards for potency and purity. They believe in delivering unparalleled quality and effective products backed by scientific research. The goal? To support your wellness journey every step of the way! 

Join the Purity Products family and experience the difference that true dedication to health, quality, and innovation can make. Make Purity Products a part of your wellness routine, with support and quality you can count on for a brighter, healthier future.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Mary S. (Phoenix, US)

Perfect pill for your heart ❤️

CJ (Philadelphia, US)

I started taking these pills and hoped they worked. The results were very good because they work
I orded my next bottle and will continue to order every month.

Maria F. (Hedgesville, US)

Excellent product

Donna R. (Louisville, US)
Krill Omega 50+

I have been taking this for years. I have been diabetic for 33 years and I take this to support my cardiovascular health.

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