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Now you can save even more on your favorite products for as long as you choose to stay on them with our new "Subscribe & Save" feature!  The program is quite simple. Products with "Subscribe & Save" active will display extra purchasing options that look will look like this on the respective product pages:

By default, "One-time purchase" will be selected, which means that your order will only be placed one time.  You will not be enrolled into the "Subscribe & Save program".  For one-time purchase, you will pay the current advertised price displayed as "Our price:".  

If you wish to enroll in our "Subscribe & Save" program, all you need to do is click the second tick box.  By doing so, you will submitting a recurring order at the advertised savings and price displayed in red.  You will then need to choose the frequency as to how often you would like the recurring order to be processed.  Note that you have the option for X number of weeks, months or even years, so please ensure that you choose the correct interval.  If you make a mistake, you can always update it at anytime.  

Be sure to enter the quantity of how many units of the product you want for either option

When you are done choosing your options, simply click on the "Add to Cart" button. From there, you may checkout or continue shopping.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  Do I have to join something or pay a fee in order to participate in the Subscribe & Save program?

A.  Yes and no.  Yes, you will need to register or already have a account.  Simply click here to login or register for a new account in less than a minute.  No, there are no additional fees for participating in the Subscribe & Save program.

Just remember, you must already be logged into your account in order for you to setup a new Subscribe & Save order or to manage existing recurring orders.

Q.  Why would I want to join the Subscribe & Save program?

A.  First, for the convenience of never running out of your favorite products!  Second, you will be able to lock in the discounted price as long as your recurring order is active.

Q.  When will my first order go out?

A.  When you submit a Subscribe & Save order, you are actually placing your first order at the same time.  Therefore, your first order will be processed on the same day you setup your Subscribe & Save order.  Your next order, based on the frequency you setup, will be considered your second order and so on.

Q.  Can I add more items to my Subscribe & Save order before I checkout?

A.  Absolutely!  You may add as many qualified products to your Subscribe & Save order before checking out as long as the other products you add have the feature available.

Q.  What if some of the products I want to order I only want one time and other products placed on a schedule?

A.  Go for it!  As you shop in our store, you may add items to your cart as a one-time purchase while setting others on a schedule at the same time.  In the image above, for example, you can even add 3 units to your cart as a one-time order, and then come back to the page and choose an additional 2 units on whatever schedule you want.  When you checkout, the initial 3 units will only be billed once at the regular price and the other 2 units will be setup on the schedule you setup.  We don't mean to imply that you can only do this with the same product.  You can use this practice described on as many products as you would like.  The only other thing to be aware of is that whatever you have in your cart when you checkout, recurring or not, will be processed and shipped as an initial order.  Meaning, in the example given, you will essentially be billed and shipped a total of 5 units of the product initially.  Then in the future, you will be shipped 2 units on your schedule.

Q.  Can I setup more than one Subscribe & Save order?

A.  Yes, but let us explain the proper way to do this.  As long as you have at least one Subscribe & Save order already setup, you may simply add more products to the same recurring order without having to setup a separate or additional recurring order.  In fact, even if you need to set each product on a different schedule, you may still just add those additional products to an existing Subscribe & Save order.  

The only reason you'd want to setup multiple or separate Subscribe & Save orders is if and when you need the products shipped to different shipping addresses or if you want to use different payment methods for different products.  These instances are rare, but is always an option if you have a need to do it this way.

Q.  Will I be able to manage my Subscribe & Save order(s)?

A.  Certainly.  You may change the frequency, skip a shipment, edit quantities, edit account details, update your credit card number, or even cancel your Subscribe & Save order(s).  First, log into your account and you'll be able to manage all attributes related to your recurring orders. Then go here to manage your Subscribe & Save recurring orders.

Q.  If I am also a member of the 911 Healthy Rewards program, will I earn points on all my Subscribe & Save orders?

A.  Yes!  That's one of the big bonuses of shopping with us!  We allow you to earn rewards points on top of the savings you will already receive in the Subscribe & Save program.

Q.  Can I use and apply additional discount codes/coupons towards my Subscribe & Save order(s)?

A.  There are only two types of discount codes/coupons that can applied towards Subscribe & Save orders.  The first one is the coupons you earn through being a member of our 911 Healthy Rewards program.  The other type of discount code/coupon you can use would be the ones we specifically state you can use through our marketing.  Please understand that we try our best to offer you a generous discount already through our Subscribe & Save program.  Thus, not all offers can be combined or stacked.

Q.  Why do the discounts differ from product to product?  

A.  Just like all products in the marketplace, they all have different profit margins.  Thus, discounts will differ from product to product depending on how much room there is.

Q.  What happens if the price changes on any of the products contained in my Subscribe & Save order(s)?

A.  You'll be glad to know that whatever you agreed to pay at the time you setup your Subscribe & Save order(s) will be the price(s) you pay each time your future orders process.  So if prices go up, your prices are locked in at the discounted price!  We do reserve the right to modify pricing in extreme cases where our supplier imposes a great enough price update.  If for some reason we are forced to raise prices on any of the products, we will always inform you first before your next recurring order is scheduled to process.

Q.  What sort of e-mail notifications can I expect to receive when enrolled in the Subscribe & Save program?

A.  Quite a few, actually.  We want to make sure you are highly informed about your upcoming orders.  Here are the types of e-mails you can look out for:

  • Order confirmations
  • Shipping confirmations
  • Updates you make to your Subscribe & Save orders
  • Upcoming shipments
  • Credit card declines
  • Price updates
  • Product discontinued