Graminex PollenAid - 90 Capsules, G63 Flower Pollen Extract Dietary Supplement

Graminex Pollenaid Flower Pollen Extract, Natural Source of Phytosterol and Amino Acids - Wellness Support for Prostate, Liver, Urinary Tract - Aids in Menopause Symptoms | Non-GMO

  • SUPPORT YOUR HEALTH-Pollenaid is an all-around dietary supplement for promoting improved health and wellness. Experience the benefits of our patented Flower Pollen Extracts!
  • NATURAL PROSTATE SUPPORT - Clinical studies in Europe have shown that the G63 flower pollen extract used in our supplement can  provide natural health benefits for the prostate gland, helping combat the symptoms of BPH and poor urinary flow. In one study, almost 70% of men had improved nightly urination patterns and nearly 50% experienced improvement in daytime urination patterns.
  • TOTAL PURITY- Unlike other pollen extracts, our ingredients are made using a proprietary extraction process. This results in a final product that is solvent free with unmatched levels of purity.
  • GROWN WITH CARE- We maintain absolute control over every step of the process, starting from the selection of flower seeds, planting them in ideal soil conditions, all the way to manufacturing.
  • QUALITY ASSURED-No chemicals, no artificial fillers, and definitely no harmful additives. Our natural supplements are made for your natural needs. Enjoy the gift of wellness from nature itself.

  • Good health starts with proper nutrition.

    Many people don’t have the time or money for maintaining a balanced diet. Meals are often calorie-dense but nutrient poor resulting in weight problems, low energy, and many other signs of sub-optimal health.

    But it is also true that overhauling your entire diet is a daunting task and can feel impossible. Why not start with small changes that can make a big difference?

    Improve your health with the help of Pollenaid by Graminex!

    Made with our unique concentrated flower pollen extracts, this dietary supplement contains an impressive spectrum of nutrients for your body’s everyday needs. It’s the perfect way to complement your diet if you want to start living a healthier lifestyle!

    Our supplement contains our patented Graminex G63 Flower Pollen Extract, a rich source of amino acids and heart-healthy phytosterols. Research shows that this flower pollen extract has benefits for the prostate gland, improving common BPH symptoms such as urinary flow. Not only that, it’s also been observed to support liver health. It can also support women’s health, especially during the menopausal transition..

    We take quality control seriously. Our process starts by selecting certified seeds and then growing them in ideal farm locations based on soil fertility. The pollen extract is then produced using our proprietary system, which is fully solvent-free to maintain the absolute purity of our product.


    GraminexG63 Flower Pollen Extract

    Other Ingredients: Microcrystalline cellulose, maltodextrin, calcium stearate, silicon dioxide, monocalcium phosphate, gum arabic

    Suggested Usage:

    As a dietary supplement, take 1 capsule, 3 times daily before meals with a glass of water.

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