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Bell Lifestyle Products Bladder Control Tea - 120 Grams

Bell Bladder Control Tea for Women with Cranberry Extract, Parsley, and Stinging Nettle, Natural, Caffeine-Free Loose Tea, Healthy Urinary Flow, Everyday Wellness


  • Supports Urinary Balance:Expertly blended with eight herbs, including cranberry, to help maintain healthy urinary flow and comfort.
  • Naturally Caffeine-Free:Perfect for daily consumption without the worry of caffeine.
  • Holistic Herbal Formula:A synergistic blend offering comprehensive support for urinary tract well-being.
  • Easy-to-Prepare:Loose-leaf tea that’s simple to steep, offering a consistent, potent brew every time.
  • Pure, Potent Ingredients:High-quality, natural herbs that may nurture and support bladder health.

Embark on a journey to enhanced comfort and balance with our Bladder Control Tea for Women, your herbal ally crafted to harmonize your urinary wellness. This special blend is more than just a tea; it’s a soothing embrace for your bladder health, meticulously formulated to support the delicate urinary balance that every woman deserves.

Why Choose Bladder Control Tea for Women?

Our tea is a symphony of eight natural herbs, each chosen for its renowned properties to help foster healthy urinary flow and maintain bladder health. This unique combination offers a holistic approach to supporting all aspects of urinary tract well-being in women, helping you feel your best every day.

  • Holistic Herbal Harmony:Embrace the power of nature with our proprietary blend, including potent cranberry extract, known for its beneficial properties. Each serving is a step towards maintaining urinary tract harmony.
  • Naturally Nourishing:Savor the essence of well-being with this caffeine-free, loose-leaf tea. It’s not just a drink; it’s a ritual, offering a refreshing pause in your day while gently supporting your body’s natural rhythms.
  • Ease and Convenience:Preparing this tea is as simple as it gets. Just steep, sip, and enjoy the path to well-being. Its loose-leaf form ensures that every cup is infused with the full strength and purity of our carefully selected herbs.

Crafted for Your Daily Ritual

This refreshing tea is your daily confidant, designed to be an effortless addition to your wellness routine. Its light, soothing taste is perfect for any time of day, providing a moment of tranquility and support for your body’s natural processes.

Ingredients Inspired by Nature

Our commitment to purity is uncompromising. We blend high-quality ingredients like concentrated cranberry extract with a selection of supportive herbs to create a tea that not only tastes delightful but is also aligned with your body’s needs.

Your Trusted Companion for Bladder Health

Bladder Control Tea for Women™ is more than just a beverage; it’s a pledge to your well-being, offering a natural, supportive way to nurture your body’s balance and comfort. Make it a cherished part of your self-care routine and feel the gentle support it brings to every day.

Embrace Your Well-Being – Sip by Sip!

Step into a world where your comfort comes first. Enjoy the serene confidence that comes with balanced bladder health, and let this special tea be your daily companion on the path to holistic wellness.

  • Proprietary blend: A carefully selected fusion of herbs tailored for women’s wellness.
  • Cranberry extract: High-potency cranberry for a robust and refreshing flavor, aiming to support your body’s well-being.
  • Herbal synergy: Parsley, stinging nettle, and more, each adding its unique benefits to this harmonious blend.
  • Supports Urinary Balance:A blend of eight herbs to help maintain healthy urinary flow and comfort.
  • Convenient:Loose-leaf tea that’s simple to steep, offering support when you need it most.

Drink 1 cup of tea, once daily.

Refresh, Rebalance, Rejuvenate – Order Your Bladder Control Tea for Women™ Today!


Bell Lifestyle began with one man's quest for better health. Nick Jerch faced health challenges for over 10 years, searching for a solution. When he discovered the benefits of a shark cartilage supplement, it sparked a new era for him and many others seeking holistic health solutions. This experience inspired Nick to share his newfound comfort with the world, laying the foundation for Bell Lifestyle's evolution.

Nick's personal breakthrough led Bell Lifestyle from selling recreational products to becoming a beacon of health and wellness. The brand's story reflects innovation, driven by Nick's commitment to improving people's lives naturally. Today, Bell Lifestyle, a family-owned business, upholds a legacy of purity and effectiveness through its lifestyle products and health supplements.

Bell Lifestyle values family, integrity, and passion. We’re dedicated to creating a world of healthier choices. With a mission anchored in authenticity and nature, we have empowered thousands worldwide over the past two decades. Every product is a commitment to the belief in nature's healing powers.

Join Bell Lifestyle on a journey where nature meets innovation, and wellness becomes a way of life. We are your ally in creating a healthier future, making well-being accessible, achievable, and inspired by the wonders of the natural world.


Cranberry (fruit/berry), Uva- ursi (leaf), Parsley (herb), Marshmallow (root), Stinging nettle (leaf), Rose hips (fruit), Small-flower willow herb (aerial parts), Early goldenrod (aerial parts), Natural citrus flavor

Suggested Usage:

Adult Females: Drink 1 cup of tea, twice daily. Once you have attained the desired results, drink 1 cup of tea daily for maintenance. Use 2 teaspoons of dried tea to one cup of water.*

PREPARATION: Measure enough water into a pot for the number of large cups (approx. 8 oz/250 ml) you want to make and add 2 heaping teaspoons per cup. Add 25% more water to compensate for evaporation. Make enough for a few days if you like. When you scoop out the tea, scoop deep down into the bag to make sure the tea is kept well mixed. Example: If you want to prepare 4 cups of tea, measure 5 cups of water and 8 heaping teaspoons of tea. Heat on the stove until boiling, then turn stove off or set to low and allow to simmer for 10 minutes. After the stove is turned off, stir and allow the tea to cool, then strain into a pitcher. For best results, let it soak for a few hours or overnight before straining. Store the pitcher in the refrigerator and drink the tea cold or reheated. You can put some in a thermos to take along with you to work. The tea has a pleasing aroma. The tea tastes great without sugar or sweeteners. If you prefer a sweeter tasting tea, try a little bit of stevia, xylitol, or honey. Do not prepare the tea by pouring hot water over it, as this will not give you the full benefit.

Customer Reviews

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Patricia E. (Indio, US)
It makes a big difference

I still wear “light” Poise pads, but, what a difference this tea makes!

Ann R. (Garden City, US)
bell bladder control tea

Really works
I've used it before

Helmut P.
we use the tea for

we use the tea for many years and will continue to use it - do you need more information?

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