How safe are products ordered from 

Our fulfillment team has implemented sanitation and handling procedures that meet or exceed the CDC’s recommendations for the pandemic, COVID-19. Our warehouse sanitizes work surfaces twice daily, and our team is screened every day before reporting to work.

Our company is committed to keeping you safe as we continue to provide you your favorite products through these challenging times.

How long will it take for me to receive my order?

Currently, order fulfillment companies all across the nation have had increased demand for their services.  No current eCommerce company is immune to this due to the sheer volume of online orders being placed.  Current order processing and preparation times for outgoing order shipments are averaging 5 business days.  The 5 days is in ADDITION to the actual shipping time in transit to your physical address.

Our free shipping method utilizes standard shipping services from all major carriers.  Typical transit times of 3-7 business days are now currently extended and can take an additional 1-7 days in some cases. 

Best case estimates range from 8 days with worst case estimates being up to 19 days.

We do offer priority shipping for a an extra fee when checking out.  The shipping method utilized is U.S. Priority Mail.  Typically, Priority Mail ranges from 2-4 business days.  But, even this service is plagued due to the current circumstances.  To begin with, Priority Mail is NOT a guaranteed service.  Average delivery times for this service ranges from 5-10 business days at the current moment.