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NHT Global Alura Lux - 17 Milliliters

    Craving lasting relief for your most delicate skin? Now, there's a breakthrough gel specially formulated by board-certified OBGYN Dr. Ronald Thompson to invigorate and hydrate a woman’s most intimate zones.

    The Alura Lux patented menthol and l-arginine formula promotes an exhilarating sensation that awakens skin sensitivity while delivering soothing hydration exactly where needed most. This transparent gel glides on without stickiness, leaving a refreshing tingle as it deeply hydrates and nourishes skin.

    Within seconds, the cooling nutrients target discomfort in delicate areas like the lips, neck, and more by improving natural blood flow just below the surface. Most importantly, Alura Lux has been gynecologist-tested for safety, relying on science-backed ingredients to deliver an exciting tingling relief.

    Users simply apply a thin layer to the skin as needed for instant and lasting hydration, moisture absorption, and healthy cell regeneration, revealing a revitalized appearance. The paraben-free formula fully absorbs rapidly while moisturizing both the surface and deeper tissues.

    • AWAKENS FEMININE ZONES:The unique menthol formula brings refreshing relief, awakening intimate areas with a tingling yet soothing sensation.
    • SPECIAL CARE FOR DELICATE SKIN:Specially designed with L-arginine to nurture and intensely hydrate feminine skin, keeping your most sensitive areas nourished.
    • ENHANCES SENSITIVITY:Menthol gently improves blood flow to delicate zones, enhancing your body’s natural responses for comfort and pleasure.
    • LEAVES YOU SOOTHED & RENEWED:Smooth, velvety paraben-free gel formula caresses the skin while easing tension, leaving you relaxed and invigorated.
    • OBGYN TESTED FOR SENSITIVE AREAS:Hypoallergenic, pH-balanced formula brings safe, refreshing relief right where you want it.

    About The Brand

    NHT Global creates premium quality-of-life products designed to make an immediate impact and deliver real results for beauty, health, and wellness. As a leading direct-selling company, NHT Global aims to penetrate global markets and positively impact lives with superior offerings like Alura Lux.

    Since 2001, the company has built a trustworthy brand worldwide by enriching the lives of thousands of customers. The goal is to grow a wellness tradition by focusing on products backed by science that meet the highest standards of quality through testing and analysis. This commitment to excellence is how every NHT Global formulation provides a transformational experience people can trust.


    L-Arginine, Menthol, Purified Water, Propylene Glycol

    Suggested Usage:

    Apply gel to fingertip and massage thoroughly into the desired area.

    Caution: Product is intended for external use only. If irritation or rash occurs, discontinue use immediately. Avoid contact with eyes.

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    Rong C. (Jericho, US)

    Very good

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