A Natural Sleep Solution With Essential Oils - Is Sleep Really This Easy?

July 15, 2015 2 min read

Working the mid-shift, I've come to learn, is SO very tough on you when it comes to being a parent of young kiddos and sleep. Sleep!? What's that?! You...

work, work, work...
get sleepy...
work some more...
still sleepy...
finish work...

then *bing* your eyes are so wide open when you get off that it's not only an instant irritant, but a source of fury. For me it is. I feel myself getting angry because I know that reveille, reveille, reveille will come at 0600! I can now combat that... yippeee!

Honestly, this is about the easiest solution I've found for getting to sleep after fighting it for eight hours. There's an alternative if you don't do the bath thing and prefer a shower or sachet.


  • 2 drops ylang ylang essential oil
  • 3 drops lavender essential oil


2 - 3 pipettes or droppers, just in case you drop a few


  • Handkerchief or piece of thin cloth
  • Organza bag


  1. Add oils to a tub of warm water
  2. Mix well
  3. That's it!

The Alternatives

Grab a handkerchief, drop the oils on the 'kerchief using a dropper or pipette. Place it between your pillowcase and pillow. Lay down and breathe deeply until the blissful peace of deep slumber take hold and just won't let you go.

If you have dried flowers, grab a handful, along with a square of cloth (an organza bag is perfect). Place the flowers on the center of the material, then drop the oils onto the flowers, gather and tie with string or a rubberband. Hop in the shower and wet the bag.

Sit it to the side and bathe as usual... breathing deeply to inhale the scent of the oil. If you use an organza bag, dump in the flowers and drop in the oils. Shake the bag to mix. Wet when you get in the shower and breathe easy.

Sleep easy and stay beautiful.

Written by KimC @ Zhi of www.zhibathandbody.com
Wife, Vet, mother of 2. I've made soy candles and personal care items for almost 10yrs. I love all things natural and fragrant. I'm passionate about sharing what I love and love to make with others....good stuff.

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