35 Things to Do Instead of Eating Sugar

July 23, 2015 2 min read

The word is finally getting out there. We are overloading our bodies with sugar and it is playing a huge part in today's health problems. The top two killers in America today are heart disease and cancer, both to a certain extent preventable!

The World Cancer Research Fund has estimated that up to one-third of cancer cases that occur in economically developed countries like the US are related to being overweight, obese, inactive or having poor nutrition.

Avoiding sugar in our food is hard. Especially if your diet is based around packaged foods. Have a look at the labels. There is sugar or a form of sugar in nearly everything some ways companies try to hide it is by calling it another name.

Look for high fructose corn syrup, dextran, ethyl maltol, glucose and maltodextrin to name a few. Check out this link to learn all the 57 names of sugar! Trying to kick your sugar habit is hard. Studies have shown that sugar affects the same receptors in the brain as drugs such as cocaine, making it highly addictive.

So, I have compiled a list of 35 things to do instead of eating sugar:

  1. Drink sparkling water with some fresh squeezed lemon
  2. Take a nap
  3. If at work, get up from your desk and walk around the office, say hi to your colleagues
  4. Go on a hike
  5. Give your pet a cuddle
  6. Brew yourself some herbal tea
  7. Take a shower/bath
  8. Paint your nails - or guys if your not into that - clip your nails and keep 'em clean
  9. Write a letter to a loved one that is near or far
  10. Clean up your email
  11. Have sex
  12. Plan a vacation
  13. Create a vision board
  14. Clean the house
  15. Meditate
  16. Exercise
  17. Foam roll and stretch
  18. Plan a dinner party
  19. Call a long lost friend
  20. Feng shui your home or office
  21. Unsubscribe from the incessant junk emails you get
  22. Sign up for CrossFit
  23. Find your next book to read
  24. Make a list of books you would like to read that will help you reach your goals
  25. Create short, medium and long term goals for eachof your values
  26. Define your values
  27. Figure out your why
  28. Read some blog posts!
  29. Look for places in your community to volunteer
  30. Build a fort with your kids or without them
  31. Find a new recipe to try
  32. Create next week's meal plan
  33. Do 10 burpees
  34. Call your mom
  35. Do a crossword or sudoko puzzle

Did I miss anything? What do you do when you have that sugar craving, give in or something else?

Written by Liz Marshall of www.primalpracticemt.com

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