Top 10 Best Spa Treatments Available in the U.S.

July 02, 2015 2 min read

Some people look forward to vacation so they can hit the beaches or lounge around the pool while others look for ways to rejuvenate their mind, body and soul. When the time comes for you to enjoy some pampering and relaxation, will you know which spa treatments to choose?

Whether you prefer ancient techniques or innovative modern spa equipment, here are the top ten treatments available for your personal improvement and enjoyment. Most of these can easily be performed in the privacy of your home to save money.

#1 - Dead Sea Mud Treatment - Anyone who pays attention to natural beauty trends has likely heard of Dead Sea treatments, but this one is a little different. Simply rub Dead Sea mud all over your body, covering every inch of your exposed skin, and bask in the sunlight. The mud will dry and falls from your body, leaving you with soft rejuvenated skin.

#2 - Salt Cave Experience - If you are fortunate enough to find yourself near a salt cave, take advantage by enjoying some halotherapy. Salt caves have been used in the treatment of respiratory and skin problems for thousands of years.

#3 - Natural Spas and Hot Baths - You won't need spa equipment when you choose this rejuvenating treatment. Enjoy the pleasure that a hot spring can offer your tired body and take advantage of the many special minerals that treat or relieve skin problems and other health issues.

#4 - Balinese Four Hand Massage - An ancient treatment requiring no spa equipment other than human hands, this massage technique is performed by two massage therapists who will happily knead all the stress and worry away.

#5 - Volcanic Ash Purifying Facial - This natural facial will remove impurities such as blackheads and oily patches without leaving your face red. Enjoy baby soft skin after a facial with volcanic ash.

#6 - Astro Balance - If you are a believer in Astronomy, you may want to consider trying this spa treatment, completely catered to your birthday, astrological sign and element. The technician will also use essential oils to increase your mojo.

#7 - Turquoise Wrap - Wraps are very popular right now and this one is sure to leave you feeling refreshed and ready to face the world. Replacing negative thoughts with self-confidence and positive energy, this wrap has many skin-purifying, cleansing and moisturizing benefits.

#8 - CoffeeBerry Natureceuticals Antiaging Facial - Most love this facial's ability to stop or reverse the signs of aging, especially since it adds firmness and evens skin tone. Best of all, this facial also encompasses your neck, chest, and hands.

#9 - Red Flower Sento Treatment - With this spa treatment, natural sea algae, rose, and plum oils are used to purify and hydrate the skin. The last step in this Japanese treatment is a shiatsu performed with Kinmoxie wild lime silk oil.

#10 - Grand Luxe Facial - Like diamonds, the Grande Luxe Special is a girl's best friend. That's because this spa treatment features a diamond peel and caviar masque followed by some LED light therapy.

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