3 Ways to Repel Mosquitoes Naturally

November 23, 2015 2 min read

As a horticulturist there is one thing I never stop hearing. People are adamant in wiping out the entire mosquito and bug population in the summertime. First of all, it's a losing battle because they will always be with us and we need them!  But, what we don't need is them pestering us when we are in the backyard trying to grill out out on 4th of July or just enjoy a evening outside.

First we need to go back to basics because there are many products on the shelves promising to keep the bugs and mosquitoes away from us. Actually some of the products just don't work or we would all know about it and one product would reign in the industry.  

1. Citronella Plant

The citronella plant is a major resource that is used in many bug-repellant products currently on the market. Instead of You can grow them in your garden area and of course bugs and mosquitoes hate them.  

2. Dryer Sheets

One technique hunters use when they go hunting in bug infested woods is to put a dryer sheet in their pocket. A dryer sheet like Downy works well. There is a component in the dryer sheet that the bugs and mosquitoes hate.

3. Pinion Wood

The best techniqueI have seen in the fight against bugs is burning pinion wood. When you burn wood in a firepit or fireplace, the wood you buy is always labeled as "pinion" wood. But, often the big chain stores will sell wood and even label it pinion wood but it is not. It is just simple pine wood and is mislabeled. In order to enjoy mosquito repelling benefits you must be sure to purchase authentic pinoin wood. 

I find that when I order and burn pinion wood from the New Mexico area it does wonders and it is organic!  This is not putting chemicals on your skin. This is fighting bugs and mosquitoes naturally!

Written by Kyle Upchurch of growokc.com
Growokc is owned by a college degreed Professional Horticulturist, Kyle Upchurch. Growokc specializes in the finest cooking, mushrooms, organic food and gardening and health products.

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