Synflex for Pets Liquid Glucosamine Complex Premium Joint & Cartilage Care Beef Flavor - 32 Day Supply (8 Fluid Ounces)


Synflex America Synflex for Pets - Liquid Glucosamine Joint Complex for Dogs, Cats - Senior Canine & Feline Chondroitin Juice Care Supplement - Helps Support Joint and Cartilage Health - Beef Flavor (32 DAY SUPPLY)

  • HELPS MAINTAIN STRONG JOINTS - Each serving delivers 1500mg of Glucosamine and 25mg of chondroitin, both working together to give your beloved pets added protection against joint damage.
  • SLOW DOWN THE AGING PROCESS - Packed with effective doses of vitamins A and E, this Glucosamine for dogs and cats can help destroy free radicals that cause cell damage and premature aging.
  • BRING THE PEP BACK TO YOUR PET'S STEP - Glucosamine and chondroitin are needed for rebuilding joints. They block enzymes that destroy connective tissue and help draw more nutrients into cartilage.
  • SUITABLE FOR ALL BREEDS & SIZES - Whether you own a little kitty or a large hound, this Glucosamine chondroitin for dogs and cats provide natural nutritional support for maintaining strong joints.
  • NO SIDE EFFECTS - Unlike many over-the-counter pet supplements, this Glucosamine complex only uses natural ingredients that are safe to be taken daily without causing side effects.

Has your furry friend suddenly lost its playfulness and started showing signs of pain while walking?

Like humans, dogs and cats also experience joint aches as they grow older. These problems are usually caused by daily wear and tear, causing cartilage in the joints to gradually wear out.

While there are many over-the-counter solutions for providing joint pain relief for your pets, most of these contain artificial chemicals that may actually do more harm than good. What you are looking for is an all-natural and easy-to-administer joint support formula for your four-legged friend.

Keep your pet's joint care needs fully covered with Synflex America Synflex for Pets.

To promote excellent joint health and function for your canine or feline friend, this joint support supplement for pets is packed with natural compounds that work together in helping strengthen the joints, ligaments, and connective tissue.

This liquid dietary supplement is suitable for all dog and cat breeds of all sizes:

0 - 10 lbs. - 1/32 oz.
10- 40 lbs. - 1/16 oz.
40 - 100 lbs. - 1/8 oz.
100 - 220 lbs. - 1/4 oz.
220+ lbs. - 1/2 oz.

To further enhance the formula, this supplement is also infused with, boswellin, bromelain, manganese (ascorbate), yucca, and Omega-3 and 6 fatty acids. Together these compounds help soothe joint stiffness and swelling.

Here are more reasons to love this supplement:

- Made in the USA
- Recommended by veterinarians
- Does not contain any gluten or fillers
- Delicious taste that your pet will love

Restore the playfulness of your furry friend today!


Certified Ingredients Per 1/4 oz. of Synflex Beef Flavored for Pets: Glucosamine HCL and Glucosamine Sulfate, Chondroitin Sulfate, Boswellin, Yucca Powder, Manganese (Ascorbate), Bromelain, Omega 3 Fatty Acid, Omega 6 Fatty Acid, Vitamin A, Vitamin E

Suggested Usage:

Use as a dietary supplement. For best results, during the first 10 days you may choose to double the recommended dosage below.


0-10 lbs - 1/16 Tbsp.

10-40 lbs - 1/8 Tbsp.

40-100 lbs - 1/4 Tbsp.

100+ lbs - 1/2 Tbsp.

CAUTION: FOR INTERNAL USE ONLY. If complications develop, discontinue use. Do not use other than as directed. Store at controlled temperature 15-30 degrees Celsius.


Customer Reviews

Based on 29 reviews
Leslie K. (Norwich, US)
Liquid Gold!

Synflex for Pets works wonderfully keeping our corgi who had surgery on both hind legs 6 yrs ago, moving well now that he is older! We have tried several other options through the years, but coming back to Synflex!

JOHN J. (Columbus, US)
Arthritic Relief for Aging Lab

At 6 years of age out lab began to show signs of arthritis. She could no longer jump on the bed or run when outside. A friend recommended Synflex for Pets. Within a few weeks of giving her Synflex, we could see a noticeable difference in her ability to get around and an attitude difference. Four years later, Sally dog can still jump on the bed and seems happy. We continue to use Synflex for Sally and now the older German Shepherds.

Donald M. (Senoia, US)

Synflex for Pets Liquid Glucosamine Complex Premium Joint & Cartilage Care Beef Flavor - 32 Day Supply (8 Fluid Ounces)

Carroll L. (Kernersville, US)
Glucosamine is a blessing for my dog

My dog suffers from serious joint pain that stems from several knee surgeries. The liquid glucosamine helps him so much. It's drug free and non-addictive, unlike a prescription pain medication. I have used Synflex for many years and would highly recommend it to any pet lover to help relieve their pet's pain.

Rosalind R. (Reston, US)
Good Product for Dogs

I give Synflex for Pets to my 7-year-old golden retriever to keep her spry as she enters her senior years.

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