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Purity Products 37 Strawberries Super Food Formula - 30 Capsules

By: Purity Products

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Product Description
  • Patented Ingredient Supports Healthy Neurological Health and Cellular Integrity*
  • Helps Keep Brain Cells Healthy*
  • Supports Healthy Aging*
You know how the old adage goes ?Ǫ Apples contain beneficial phytonutrients called "flavonoids", and thousands of studies from decades of scientific research on flavonoids prove the traditional wisdom correct. Now, based on a landmark new study, scientists are touting the power of strawberries for healthy aging. Like all berries, strawberries are rich in flavonoids, too. Thanks to one flavonoid in particular called "Fisetin", strawberries deserve center stage as part of a health promoting diet. Unlike apples, however, just one strawberry a day is not enough. It turns out that we need to eat 37 a day to enjoy the benefits highlighted in a recent study conducted by the prestigious Salk Institute for Biological Studies.

In this study, mice were fed Fisetin; the amount of Fisetin contained in 37 average strawberries, to be exact. The results were startling: the mice performed significantly better on a computerized test of mental function that measured their ability to recognize objects first seen 24 hours earlier and displayed clear evidence of healthier brain cells. Not surprisingly, prior animal studies have shown that strawberries and other fruits counteract the effects of aging on the brain.

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