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Pop Candy Butter Crunch Toffee Savory & Spiced Assortment (Brown Sugar & Cinnamon, Rosemary Almond, C-C-C Curry and Fire Pistachio) - 2 Ounces Each

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How is Butter Crunch Different to Traditional Brittle?
Butter Crunch tastes better, softer and fresher! Does not stick to your teeth and no risk of cracking your tooth like other brittles. These gourmet candies are crunchy and toasty!

p.o.p. candy's Butter Crunch Assortment
Think buttery, toasty, crunchy toffee-like deliciousness in each and every bite. These butter crunch candies are handcrafted in Santa Monica, combined with fresh herbs, quality spices, and all-natural extracts, with no additives or preservatives, and cooked in small batches so that each flavor is incredible and no two flavors are the same. All of this results in an authentic, handcrafted product with a perfect combo of fresh, innovative and buttery flavor with a crunchy texture.

Savory & Spiced Assortment Flavors

BROWN SUGAR & CINNAMON (2 Ounces) - Tastes like a perfect brown sugar and cinnamon cookie.

ROSEMARY ALMOND (2 Ounces) - A blend of fresh rosemary and crunchy almonds for a lovely and delicate savory flavor.

C-C-C CURRY (2 Ounces) - Flavor keeps changing ; cinnamon - coconut - curry - toasted coconut like the best spicy gingerbread.

FIRE PISTACHIO (2 Ounces) - Made with a rich and smoky cayenne pepper-based blend, with a playful kick of heat at the end. This flavor contains corn protein and the cayenne pepper blend may contain traces of gluten.

Share the Love with Family and Friends - This Butter Crunch Assortment is an ideal way to try these 4 different flavors and makes a Great Delicious Gift too!

Keep p.o.p. fresh butter crunch candy in a cool and dry place. Enjoy as fresh as possible as texture changes over time. Made with TLC to be enjoyed as fresh as possible! Don't refrigerate or store in a sealed container.

  • INNOVATIVE, BUTTERY AND CRUNCHY ASSORTED FLAVORS - This special butter-based blend is cooked to toasty perfection. This butter crunch is a better than brittle gourmet candy.
  • HANDCRAFTED WITH ALL-NATURAL INGREDIENTS - p.o.p. candy's butter crunch toffee candy is handmade in Santa Monica using natural ingredients like dairy butter, cane sugar, and organic brown rice syrup. Contains NO peanuts.
  • MELTS IN YOUR MOUTH - Let your taste buds experience the crunch with a twist of melt-in-your-mouth texture; these candy snacks are unlike any other brittle snack. Give it a try for yourself!
  • RIGHT LEVEL OF SWEETNESS - Savory & Spiced Assortment butter crunch treats have just the right amount of sweet one can eat and are ideal to satisfy sweet/savory cravings. These crunchies contain cane sugar and brown sugar to keep low sugar count.
  • INDULGE IN 4 UNIQUE FLAVORS - Not sure which flavor will satisfy your palate? No problem! This scrumptious candy assortment is the perfect way to try and test this top Savory & Spiced flavors. Discover the buttery, toasty goodness for yourself!

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