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BalancePom Menopause Relief for Hot Flashes, Night Sweats, Mood Swings, Energy | Pomegranate Health Hormone and Estrogen Balance Supplement, 60 Vegetarian Capsules

Is menopause causing you grief? BalancePom by Pomegranate Health supports menopausal relief - hot flash relief, female libido enhancement, skin that glows with health, and helps boost metabolism and energy to keep your days productive.

Getting older should be filled with an enjoyment of life, not battles with imbalanced hormone levels.

Most approaches to menopause assume your estrogen levels are low-- these approaches will talk about “Estrogen Deficiency”. While for some women, that may be the case, for more women, it is the ratio of estrogen to progesterone that is the critical issue.

High Estrogen Levels - Not Low Ones - May Be The Problem

Estrogen production drops only 40-60% during menopause. But women during and after menopause still make estrogen. 2/3 of women up to age 80 make all the estrogen they need. Whatdoesdrop dramatically is your body's production of the hormone progesterone. This hormone balances out the effects of estrogen. Without enough progesterone (an imbalanced ratio), your body's production of estrogen, even reduced, can be too much-- this is the case in women with “Estrogen Dominant” menopause.

With extensive testing and refinement, nature has already created the perfect ally in maintaining healthy estrogen levels and natural hormone balance... the pomegranate.

Pomegranate counters estrogen dominance and helps balance your hormones with a diverse range of healthy phytoestrogens (the estrogens from plants).

These weaker plant estrogens moderate  the effects of more powerful human-produced natural estrogens by fitting into the cell receptor sites for estrogen. 

The result? It acts as an estrogen modulator and the harmful estrogens are thus made less effective.

Pomegranate also contains a compound, apigenin, which seems to act like progesterone, helping to counterbalance estrogen's activities. It may also help prevent the breakdown of natural progesterone.

By helping your body to maintain progesterone levels, apigenin seems to help keep estrogen in check, supporting your cholesterol health, healthy fat metabolism, a good libido, strong bones and overall health.

  • NATURAL HORMONAL BALANCE & ANTIOXIDANT-RICH: BalancePom provides natural, safe, effective relief from the problems caused by estrogen dominance and hormonal imbalance. In addition to its  hormone regulating effects, pomegranate’s antioxidants support healthy skin, a healthy cardiovascular system, brain health, immune system health, digestive health, and a healthy blood sugar metabolism.
  • POWER OF POMEGRANATE: Pomegranate counters estrogen dominance and helps balance your hormones with a more diverse range of healthy phytoestrogens (the estrogens from plants). It also contains a phytoprogestin , apigenin, which seems to act like progesterone, helping to counterbalance estrogen's activities.
  • REDUCE  HOT FLASHES OR SLEEPLESS NIGHTS: Relief like a cool glass of water when your body's on fire. Anxiety, mood swings, hot flashes and night sweats are alleviated by this womanly-wise fruit.
  • ENERGY BOOST & LIBIDO ENHANCER FOR WOMEN: With this pomegranate blend you'll gain a lively libido, beautiful skin and energy that nixes the idea of being "over the hill." Within weeks, you'll have less of the stress of unbalanced  hormones and more zest and zeal!
  • ALL-NATURAL & EFFECTIVE: Pomegranate Health BalancePom contains 100% pomegranate extracts from the seed, juice, peel and leaves; uses fermented pomegranate juice which is easier for you body to assimilate; has no fillers or additives; and is produced in a manufacturing facility that meets FDA Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs).

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