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Lipo Naturals Liposomal 1,000mg Vitamin C from Sunflowers - 15 Ounces/30 Doses

Lipo Naturals Liposomal Vitamin C is the most potent vitamin C that you can take orally. 

Lipo Naturals boosts supplement levels in your body far higher than previously thought possible without an IV.

This liposomal C provides real anti-aging benefits from the inside out like improved skin, hair and nails, boosted immunity, and higher energy. Unlike most any other liposomal C, this natural non-allergen formula is 100% China-free (Quali-C) with no artificial preservatives, no soy, no gluten, no alcohol, and no artificial flavorings or sweeteners. It's made in the USA by Lipo Naturals. Most of our customers notice the difference in health and wellness after only a month. This product is delivered as a liquid supplement in a resealable screw-top fresh pouch.

Regular vitamin C supplement pills, liquids, even ester-Cs, have an upper limit of bio-availability because of the absorption speed and amount that can pass through the digestive system. With liposomal vitamin C, you can now achieve the blood levels of vitamin C when taken orally previously thought impossible.

Lipo Naturals encapsulates pharmaceutical-grade vitamin C in a microscopic lipid sphere called a 'liposome.' This liposome becomes a vehicle for its contents that are easily digested, by-passing the previous oral supplementation limits of regular vitamin C.

Since the liposomal vitamin C is encapsulated in this way, it's easy on the stomach, with none of the harsh acidity that regular high dose vitamin C supplements exhibit. Dose is one tablespoon of liquid per day, Lipo Naturals Sunflower Liposomal C allows vitamin C to get into the blood and organs where it’s used.

LipoNaturals spent years developing an extremely potent and natural liposomal vitamin C which contains no artificial preservatives. Because of the high bioavailability of liposomal supplements, LipoNaturals doesn't believe in using chemicals, artificial flavorings/sweeteners, or alcohol like others do. Their formula is free of allergens.

Lipo Naturals' vitamin C is imported from Scotland.  Their lipids are derived from sunflowers, not cheap soy, and imported from the Netherlands.  

Lipo Naturals versus Liposomals

Each pouch contains enough for a month's worth of goodness for a single happy human.

  • Vegan
  • Contains real, tested liposomes
  • 100% non-GMO, China-free ingredients
  • NO: Artificial preservatives, soy, gluten, alcohol, sugar, artificial sweeteners


Vitamin C (as ascorbic acid), phosphatidylcholine

Other ingredients: Distilled water, lecithin (from sunflowers), natural flavors (only fermented plum, mint and linseed)

Suggested Usage:

Because Lipo Naturals does not add artificial sweeteners to this product, the flavor is interesting. It's best to mix your dose, one tablespoon per day on an empty stomach, in a small amount of apple or other juice. If you're brave, take it straight and follow up with some water. And remember that you'll enjoy all the benefits, even if you don't enjoy the taste. You can eat after 5-10 minutes.

NOTE: Some settling of lecithin used in making liposomes is normal, showing as brownish deposits. Shake before each use.

Customer Reviews

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Highly recommended from a company I use and trust implicitly!

Funnily, I came across the name of this product on the Pet Health and Nutrition Center website that sells supplements for dogs and cats. The owners are a master herbalist and canine nutritionist. I trust their products implicitly and they have a very high standard when it comes to their own products and products they recommend and sell. Lipo Naturals was recommended for dogs with degenerative myelopathy. Because it has to be given on an empty stomach it was challenging to give to my dog, however, I began using it by mixing it in with apple cider and I think it tastes delicious. I love the fact that it is in liquid form rather than pill form which I believe makes it more digestible. I love that I can take something so healthy and effective yet so convenient. Every time I take it I feel I'm doing something really good for my body even if I haven't eaten particularly well on that day. It contains no artificial flavors or sweeteners and is gluten and soy free. I feel very confident about this product. It was recommended by an incredible, unique, and invaluable company that I believe has not only extended the life of my dog, but improved the quality of his life as well.. I will continue taking LipoNaturals!


Great service!

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