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IPD Androstenone Pheromone Double Strength Concentrate (Attract Men) - 1 Ounce


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<p>IPD Androstenone Pheromone Double Strength Concentrate contains the highest concentration of pure human pheromone of any product on the market. It is an oil-based product with absolutely no alcohol. As seen in playboy magazine androstenone pheromone concentrate a revolutionary new women's perfume that contains genuine human sex pheromones. Now you can be more popular with men than you ever thought possible. Just one bottle of this amazing product will change your life. The human sex pheromone that attracts males has finally been recreated in the laboratory. Naturally found in minute amounts in the perspiration of women these natural pheromones are an evolutionary remnant from a time when human females relied on scent to attract male mates.</p>

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