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Noni One | 100% Pure Organic Noni Juice - 32oz Glass Bottle (1 qt) | Gluten-Free and Vegan Superfruit Supplement, 30,000mg of Noni Juice Per Serving, Vitamin and Antioxidant Rich | Gopal's Healthfoods

Noni Herbal Supplements: The Superfruit of the South Pacific

The noni fruit has a very long record of use as a food and a medicine for the people of the South Pacific. The botanical name is Morinda citrifolia but it has many names—in Hawaii, it is noni. In Malaysia, the fruit is known as mengkudu while in Southeast Asia, it is known as nhau. Wherever it grows, it is also known to be a healthy food and a useful health-promoting fruit.

Noni contains Vitamins C, E, B vitamins and beta-carotenes and is an excellent source of calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, selenium and potassium. The fruit also contains phytonutrients such as beta-sitosterols, which may support healthy blood cholesterol levels and rutin—a flavonoid that is also a powerful antioxidant.

Noni has been studied in labs—it has been found to have several properties that may support a healthy metabolism and joint function. The digestive effects may be due to its actions as a digestive “bitter”. Bitters are traditionally used to aid and promote digestion. Many of these studies are preliminary, but these effects parallel the traditional uses of noni juice organic pure —to maintain healthy joints, support a healthy immune system, support healthy digestion and support healthy blood pressure.

Recent scientific reviews suggest that this “superfruit” may have even more effects. Noni concentrate may also boost the immune system, help maintain a healthy weight and maintain bone and dental strength. As if that weren’t enough, researchers have found that noni fruit powder and organic juice noni drink blends may support healthy detoxification and digestion.

Take noni to go or at home, and enjoy this pure organicNoni One superfruit juice!

Here's to your health!

  • 100% CERTIFIED ORGANIC NONI SUPPLEMENT: The name says it all, ONE ingredient with nothing else added! Vegan-friendly, non-GMO and no gluten noni fruit juice. Stored in glass bottles and BPA-free.
  • PREMIUM QUALITY, POTENCY & TASTE: Gopal's Noni One and organic noni powder super concentrate is a blend of both sodium- and mineral-rich fruit. Handpicked, sliced, layered, and left to age, producing a very potent, bitter, strong and therapeutic juice.
  • RICH IN ESSENTIAL VITAMINS & MINERALS: Aged organic noni berry juice is a good source of Vitamins C, E, B vitamins and beta-carotenes and is an excellent source of calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, selenium and potassium.
  • SUPPORTS A HEALTHY LIFESTYLE: Noni berries have been found to have several properties that may support healthy metabolism, healthy joint function and joint pain relief, healthy immune system, healthy digestion, and healthy blood pressure and blood sugar levels. Known as the ultimate digestive bitter.
  • MAINTAIN OPTIMAL HEALTH: Gopal's Noni One is filled with noni vitamin and powerful antioxidants. This timeless medicinal tropical juice contains the best noni made from the whole noni fruit. Flash pasteurized for your protection.


Organic Noni Juice

Suggested Usage:

Shake well. Refrigerate after opening, and store in a cool, dry place. 

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