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Young Living Resin Burner - 1 Unit

Young Living Resin Burner - 1 Unit
Item #: 911hs33957
Our Price: $54.00

Use the whispering essences from Young Living's Resin Burner to transport yourself to the ancient lands of Arabia. Simply place a few pieces of resin on the burner and take in the aromatic spirit of the desert. The resin's vapor will deepen your meditation and invite a sacred atmosphere. The Resin Burner comes with a complimentary bag of frankincense resin.

Product Story

The people of Arabia have been burning the natural resins of the desert since ancient times.The Old Testament references that resin was used in religious ceremonies as early as the time of Moses. Over the next few millennia, burning frankincense and other precious resins became an integral part of Arabian cultureófrom healing rituals to using the vapor to help prayers rise to the heavens.As Gary Young traveled the Middle East learning the frankincense trade, he quickly saw that theancient use of burning resin has many modernday applications. The resinís essences relax,ground, and balance the emotions. Gary felt inspired to offer a resin burner to Young Living members who seek ways to connect with the earth and create sacred space.

Primary Benefits

  • Helps center the mind and overcome stress and despair.
  • Deepens spiritual connection

    What Makes This Product Unique

  • Manual temperature control
  • Burns resin longer
  • Specially designed burner lid for safety
  • Traditional Arabic design with Young Living logo

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q How long will the resin last? A How long the resin burns depends on how many pieces of resin you put on the plate.

    Q How do I clean the Resin Burner? A A residue will be left on the plate after the resin is burned. To clean, wait for the plate to be completely cooled. Take the scraper included in the box and simply rub off the resin residue. Wipe off the cooled plate with a wet washcloth to clean any remaining residue.

    Q Will the Resin Burner automatically turn off when the resin is done burning? A You will need to manually turn off the Resin Burner when done using the product.

    Q Is the Resin Burner too hot to touch? A The top portion of the burner will get very hot. To handle the burner, turn off the unit, then grab the unit by the base and the lidís handleó those areas will usually cool enough to touch. Remember to always use caution when handling the burner.

  • The Resin Burner is very easy to use right out of the box. Simply plug in the burner, add a dozen or so small pieces of resin onto the plate, and turn it on. Youíll be able to adjust the heat with the temperature control located on the cord.

    The Resin Burner heat plate can rise to temperatures near 300 degrees Fahrenheit. Do not touch the heat plate while in use. The burner is intended for aromatic use only. Please be careful where you place your hands as you handle the burner. Use at your own risk. Keep out of the reach of children. Do not leave the burner unattended. Unplug the burner when not in use. Operate in a well ventilated area. Do not use essential oils with the burner. Do not use next to flammable materials. Pick up the burner only after it is cooled. Never pick up the burner by the lid.

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