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Prost-8 Formula by Hampshire Laboratories - 60 Tablets

Prost-8 Formula by Hampshire Laboratories - 60 Tablets
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All men are eventually going to develop a prostate problem. It is the number one male health risk after heart disease. It nearly always causes urination problems.  And it's the leading cause of male dysfunction. If you leave it untreated, prostate disease can lead to serious health and psychological problems, and even early death!

As you reach age 40, urination and sexual problems are caused by the natural growth of your prostate. There is no way to stop it. But there is a new discovery, used by tens of thousands of men in Europe that will eliminate embarrassing prostate problems.

Clinical scientists in our lab gathered the eight most powerful and effective natural male-health ingredients for PROST-8 Formula. When combined, they work synegistically to create a prostate formula more powerful than any one ingredient by itself. The 8 secret weapons against prostate problems are:

  1. Beta-Sitosterol is widely known as the best natural prostate health nutrient available.
  2. Campesterol is a scientifically advanced phytosterol complex that also provides beta-sitosterol that is most effective for prostate health.
  3. Stigmasterol and Brassicasterol
  4. Isoflavines
  5. Selenomax should be found in abudance in a male's reproductive organs. But levels decrease by age. Selenomax in PROST-8 Formula wil normalize levels.
  6. Zinc Citrate supports a healthy reproductive system, hence it is widely used to maintain normal prostate function.
  7. Pumpkin Seed Oil has shown that it can reduce damage to prostate cells. It is also used to treat an enlarged prostate.

Beta-Sitosterol is the main ingredient in PROST-8 Formula, which has been used for centuries to treat prostate and urinary problems. Each PROST-8 Formula tablet contains 300mg of beta-sitosterol.  That means...you would have to eat 2lbs. of raw ingredient to get the same amount of beta-sitosterol as in ONE tablet!

There is some beta-sitosterol in your diet...but only in small amounts. Not nearly enough to help your prostate. Easing your prostate problems with PROST-8 Formula will allow you greater comfort and a full and active lifestyle. It may also save your life...Prostate cancer kills almost as many men as all other forms of cancer put together!


  • Beta-sitosterol from saw palmetto berries is the main ingredient in PROST-8 Formula. It is known worldwide as a miraculous natural prostate healer.
  • Herbal extracts are sold in Germany and France by prescription only under then names Harzal and Permixon. They are expensive and contain only a small fraction of the beta-sitosterol contained in a single tablet of PROST-8 Formula. Most of the very popular herbal prostate formulas sold in the U.S. contain only a small amount of beta-sitosterol, requiring you to take 6 or more tablets per day.
  • Each year, over 400,000 men in the United States undero prostate surgery and over a billion dollars a year is spent on prostate treatment. Surgery often results in incontinence and impotence.
  • Fortunately, nature has given us a remedy to support good prostate health. PROST-8 Formula is proven scientifically to be safe and effective. PROST-8 Formula with Beta-sitosterol is completely safe to use everyday.
Suggested Use:

Take 2 tablets daily.

Prost-8 Formula by Hampshire Laboratories - 60 Tablets

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