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Natural Health Labs Mangosteen Rx - 90 Capsules

By: Natural Health Labs

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Product Description

Mangosteen is native to South East Asia and requires a year round, warm, very humid, equatorial climate. In spite that many people have tried to plant Mangosteen in other places, such as California, Florida, or special greenhouses somewhere outside South East Asia, the outcome turns out to be not succeeded due to the different living conditions. The tree only can grow well in tropical areas and requires abundant moisture. Thailand or Burma is the original place people found Mangosteen.

Research on the Xanthones found in Mangosteen Pericarp

Research laboratories around the world have now been helping us understand how the Mangosteen Fruit works. Modern science is just catching up with what centuries of herbal doctors have already known.

Xanthones are a unique biologically "active" compound found in Mangosteen. Active means they couple with other molecules and become very beneficial to the systems of the body. Xanthones enter the cell wall with antioxidants and can even kill intracellular bacteria before it has a chance to affect the cells DNA.

Information on Mangosteen and Xanthones

In recent years modern scientists have been studying the Mangosteen Xanthones and each xanthone in attempts to discover and document the scientific evidence and research of exactly why people get beneficial health results from the Mangosteen Botanical. In addition modern pharmaceutical manufacturers are studying the Xanthone compounds found in Mangosteen Xanthones. Xanthones are natural chemical substances that demonstrate a number of pharmaceutical properties. Scientific research has found over 40 known Mangosteen Fruit Xanthones in the pericarp of the Mangosteen Fruit. There are also polysaccharides in this incredible tropical fruit.
Xanthones in the Mangosteen Pericarp

The outer rind "mangosteen pericarp" of the mangosteen fruit contains powerful Xanthones and antioxidants which are not system-specific, but pan-systemic or good for the entire body. With no negative side effects found in the Mangosteen Fruit botanical (garcinia mangostana) it is a perfect source in a beneficial healthful natural health supplement.

Mangosteen Xanthones:

alpha-Mangostin; Garcinone A; beta-Mangostin; Garcinone B; 3-Isomangostin; Garcinone C; Mangostanol; Garcinone D; Maclurin; Garcinone E. Mangosteen also contains natural Catechins and polyphenols, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, iron, Vitamin B1, B2, B6, and C.
Mangosteen Fruit consists of the following parts:
Mangosteen Pericarp - (rind or peel):

The half-centimeter mangosteen pericarp is green unripe and dark purple when ripe. It contains the highest concentrations of xanthones in the entire fruit.
Mangosteen Pulp (fruit)

The fleshy interior that is responsible for its reputation as the best tasting fruit in the world.
Mangosteen Seeds

Usually one to two in number within the pulp The Mangosteen Seeds have been used for centuries as a folk-lore medicine.

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90 count, 1500mg per serving Mangosteen Pericarp

Suggested Use

Serving Size: 3 Capsules Servings Per Bottle: 30

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