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Magnetic Therapy

Magnetic TherapyThe use of magnets as therapeutic devices is not new. Magnetic therapy has been practiced for thousands of years and was mentioned in ancient writings from many cultures. It has become an alternative treatment method for many medical conditions. Magnetic therapy is well advanced in Japan, China, India, Australia and Germany. There is growing interest from other countries including Great Britain, Holland, Canada and the United States.

Magnetic therapy is based on the biological effects of magnetic fields on the living organism. When magnetic fields are properly applied (polarity, intensity and frequency) there is a reaction that is utilized in the treatment of illness, the alleviation of pain, and the general promotion of well being. A magnetic field penetrates every single cell being exposed to the field. This in turn influences the ions within the cell to enhance ion exchange that will improve the oxygen utilization of the cell. This is important for the healing and regeneration process.

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