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Fucoxanthin Slim by Life Extension - 90 Softgels

Fucoxanthin Slim by Life Extension - 90 Softgels
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Canadian scientists recently reported that a decrease in energy expenditure with aging may cause 120?190 excess calories to be stored in the body every day, which translates to an extra 13?20 pounds of body fat a year! To achieve optimal results as we age, we must restore the ability of our cells to maintain a youthful metabolic rate.Thermogenesis is the process of producing cellular energy in the form of heat, which can be triggered by a factor called mitochondrial uncoupling protein-1. Japanese scientists have recently discovered that a plant extract called fucoxanthin activates uncoupling protein-1 that signals fatty acids to generate energy rather than remain stored as body fat.Derived from a species of Japanese brown seaweed, fucoxanthin provides a unique solution for safely boosting cellular metabolism.Unlike many ?fat burners? that stimulate the central nervous system to promote weight loss, fucoxanthin works directly in fat cells. By targeting energy distribution at the mitochondrial level, this non-stimulatory action provides aging humans with an important new mechanism of action to achieve successful long-term weight management.Scientists have found that the weight loss benefits of fucoxanthin are enhanced by combining it with pomegranate seed oil. The active ingredient in pomegranate oil (punicic acid) reduces blood supply to fat cells and prevents them from increasing in size.This supplement should be taken in conjunction with a healthy diet and regular exercise program. Results may vary.

Serving Size 1 softgel

Servings Per Container 90
Amount Per Serving

Optimized Fucoxanthin-Slim Blend 200 mg
Xanthigen - Proprietary Blend of Wakame (Undaria pinnatifida) fucoxanthin extract (whole plant) and Pomegranate Oil (Punica granatum) punicic acid extract (seed)

Other ingredients: gelatin, olive oil, glycerin, beeswax, purified water, palm oil, lecithin, caramel color.

Contains soybeans.

Take one softgel three times daily, 15-30 minutes before meals, or as recommended by a healthcare practitioner.

Clinical research using Xanthigen indicates that it may take 6 weeks of consecutive use to experience significant thermogenic response.

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