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Apinol (Pine Oil) First Aid Antiseptic by Apinol LLC - 2oz.

Apinol (Pine Oil) First Aid Antiseptic by Apinol LLC - 2oz.
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Apinol (a pine oil local) has been a trusted household name for over 99 years.

This wonderful miracle first aid antiseptic/pain reliever has the natural healing power of pine oil.

Apinol provides FAST soothing relief of insect bites, bee stings, cuts, scrapes, burns, bruises and any skin laceration. Takes the itch out of mosquito bites while it acts as a repellant for most insects (including mosquitoes). Stops PAIN & INFECTION as it cleans and disinfects.

Prevents infection, stops irritation, no burn or sting when applied. GREAT for children and for open wounds. Apply liberally - works best on wounds that will not heal (common in diabetics)

Also aids as an insect repellant.


“I have used it as a dressing in numerous lacerated and contused wounds, particularly of the fingers and toes, and have found that it would relieve pain almost instantly in lacerated wounds, and, in a very short time, healthy granulations could be seen in every wound. In almost every instance there was an entire absence of pus, which shows the remarkable antiseptic properties of this product. Have also had marvelous results with old, sluggish ulcers, in which cases an abundance of healthy granulations would soon take the place of the dirty, grayish deposit, seen in these cases. During my time using Apinol I have found to my entire satisfaction that it is the best surgical dressing that I know of. In burns the pain is almost instantly gone. “- A. H. Harriss M. D., Wilimgton, NC

“ I have been using Apinol for three years, and it was my habit until a few month ago, to redress a wound every two to four days at least, taking much time and causing patients a great deal of pain. Now I redress the wound in 10 to 14 days and find better results than I’ve gotten before and no puss in a single instance.”- Robert L Harris M. D., Jacksonville, FLA

“We find it is an excellent remedy for all injuries as you described in your circular, and we will be only too glad to keep a plentiful supply in our hospital at all times.”- B. F. Sturtevant Company, Boston, MA

“I have used Apinol on several cases of superficial lacerations, burns, etc. and am much pleased with it. It seems to be a strong enough antiseptic to keep the wound clean and, at the same time, not so strong as to cause necrosis of the tissues.” - Dr. Robert B. Slocum, Wilmington, NC

“I have applied it at various times on wounded parts, and was very much pleased with results.” – I. R. Godwin, M. D. Fincastle, VA

“ We have used Apinol for three to four months as a surgical dressing on some of our finger amputations. We are quite pleased with the results.” – Voyle A. Paul Physician-Surgeon 1916

“I have ¼ bottle left, and guard it with my life. Now who has taken this wonderful product off the market???? If I have to buy a case of it state your price. I’ll buy.”- Mrs. John Buck, Hanaham, SC

“ I got stung by a wasp and dabbed Apinol on the sting and the relief was marvelous.” - Anastasia Smith, Oxford England

“I was recently bitten by a dog and the lacerations on my hand were about an inch long and deep.- it bleed profusely –there were four smaller abrasions. I used Apinol and cold water and two days later no soreness at all. It is a very remarkable remedy.” - Mary Slickter, Annadale, VA.

“Thank you for making such a great product.” -Clay Shepherd, Richmond, VA.

“It was brought to my attention three years ago, since I have used it in treatment of septic wounds of various kinds with delightful results. …. I am extremely pleased and satisfied with it. “ W. E. Minor, M. D. Kansas City, Mo 1911

“Please send me Apinol. I have used it for 50 years and cannot get along without it.” - Jewell Fergusson, Dallas, TX

“Recently I used it on my dogs stitches where he had an operation and also on my own infected gum.” Mrs. W. C. Tumlin, Greenville, SC.

“ I really need it (Apinol) because it (Apinol) is the best product in the country”- Mrs. Ruth Wall Chester, VA.

“ I used it (Apinol) for years and it (Apinol) was the best that could be bought” -Madeline E. Chase City, VA.

“I have been a user of Apinol since I was a baby and I am 68 years of age. … I never knew my Dad to be without it (Apinol) in the house”- Mrs. Richard Yankie.

“Last night I was reminded of the tremendous advantage of using Apinol. A 3-year-old boy was brought to my house within five minutes of falling into the open fire where his mother cooks out of doors. He had extensive burns on the neck, armpit, chest and right groin areas. I had no other medicines in the house. The burns were not deep, but no skin was left on the right side of his body. I ran cool water over him to clean him with an antiseptic added to it. The pain was severe, so I applied Apinol with cotton to al areas before I sent him to the hospital. When I left my house he was no longer crying with pain…. I am a nurse in Bangladesh.” -Vanza Patterson Bangladesh ministry

“Your product is wonderful, may God Bless you” -Kati Williams. Howley, Pa

“ I do appreciate the opportunity to purchase your product, it (Apinol) has been in my family for four generations.” -Julia Owens Charlotte, N.C

“Apinol is a GREAT product” - Hazel Harris, South Hill, VA.

“I have used this product on cuts, burns and scraps in the past. My husband had skin cancer on his face, and we used Apinol. It was cleared up in 1 week” Also in a separate letter “I’ve used it (Apinol) for years as a healer and my bottle is running low, send me another please.” “ It (Apinol)’s an excellent medicine for everything.”- Pat Hatley Deland, Fl.

“I have given your product to a number of people who have camped here and had minor accidents and we have helped. We have used it (Apinol) for about 30 years and think it (Apinol) is great. We are on the 3rd generation in this family with the starting of the 4th soon.” - Barbara Perdue Salt Sick, KY.

“ I have found this needs to be in the open market, it (Apinol) is fantastic”- Patti Rathenburg, Ft. Worth, TX.

“While visiting relatives I had burnt my finger and your product was given to me to use to help the burn. It (Apinol) worked wonders.” - Huel Brendle Warren, MI

“A fellow out here in his nineties had skin cancer on face and nose and Apinol cleared it up”. - James R. Wilson New Meadows, Idaho

“ It (Apinol) is such a GREAT product, I hope you can tell me where I can buy some” -Mrs. Good -- Va.

“ I have kept Apinol in my first aid kits for fifty years….. I pray you still make it (Apinol), and if you know where I can buy it (Apinol) I would love to know”. - Lerly Murphy LaFollette, TN.

“ Please send me some Apinol. I have been using this medicine for 58 years”. -H. R Harrell

“It’s (Apinol) a great product- I even have my husband (a physician) using it (Apinol)”. -Kae Kanim Knightdale, N. C.

“My 5 year old son accidentally got a dog chain wrapped around his neck when playing too close to a big dog. We immediately put Apinol on all the abrasions on his neck. We noticed the pain left within a minute or so. Doctors checked him constantly all night. They thought he would have internal swelling of the neck and need a tracheotomy. He had no further problems.” - Vanza Patterson Mocksville, NC.

“I grew up in North Carolina and have depended on my relatives to keep me stocked in Apinol, but now if this becoming more difficult. My Mother-in-Law just told me she can’t find it (Apinol) now that Eckerd quit selling it (Apinol). My supply over the years was given away to friends once I told them about it (Apinol). Most had never heard of it (Apinol) but are believers after using it (Apinol).” - W. E. Lloyd Center, TX.

“We have used your excellent product for more than half a century and find it (Apinol) is wonderful for many injuries.”- James G. Wilson Altamonte Springs, Fla.

“Since I wrote you about Apinol, I have been in the hospital with back surgery and I had a little Apinol in a bottle so I used it (Apinol) and the pain went away.” -Elmer Crossland

“ I ordered before and I liked this Antiseptic better than any other I have used.” - Elizabeth S. Hager

“It (Apinol) is a “dandy” to relieve the itch of an old mosquito bite” - Hazel Harris, South Hill, Va.

“Your antiseptic is a very good one, a soothing antiseptic and promotes faster healing. My wife and I both feel the same about it (Apinol).”- Loman P. Jones Point Pleasant, WV

“I first became familiar with your product when my husband worked in the shops at the N & W Railroad. It (Apinol) works wonders” - Juanita Garner Roanoke, Va.

“This medicine is great for many things. I mix it (Apinol) with Bigeloid and I have given it (Apinol) to my friends and everyone has had good results.” “ My mother used it (Apinol) until she died in 1983. She gave it (Apinol) to us as young children.” - Harry Parder Louisville, KY.

“My family and I have relied on Apinol for decades, but we cannot find it (Apinol) for sell anymore in our area. Please point me in the right direction. I am out.” - Jaki Edwards Smithfield, N. C.

“It (Apinol) is very effective for pain control. It (Apinol) also encourages the productions of endomorphines & enkaphlins.” -Dr. Jerome H. Siskin Chiropractor NY, NY

“I have never used a product as good as yours.”- Alma Cone Hahira, CA.

“My husband cut his hand quite deep when we were visiting in VA. They applied “Apinol” and we were really amazed at the results.” -Ruth Marshall Hyattsville, MD

“The mites are so bad here. The dogs get relief from itching. Thank goodness.” -Charlotte Brooks North Ft. Myers, FL

“After we applied the antiseptic, Apinol, in a hour or so the swelling went down.”- Mr. William. T Thompson Tampa, FL.

“I am a diabetic and it (Apinol) has helped keep infections down.” - L. C. Crew Miami, FL.

“My daughter used Apinol for her rabbits, when she raised them in Goodchland, VA.” -Charlotte Brooks, North Ft. Myers, FL

“My champion dog has developed a skin disease and the medication her Vet recommended wasn’t helping much. So I tried Apinol- It seems to be working better than anything else I’ve tried.” - Doris Chandler Hapeville, GA.

“They (my parents) used it for a baby’s teething gums. I now have a teething baby and would like to purchase a bottle of Apinol.” -Susan Bechtold Newtown Square, PA

“it (Apinol) is the most effective medicine for the purposes prescribed that I have ever known. Everyone that we have told about the product has also used it to great satisfaction.” -Mrs. Dorothy Chancey Blythe, GA.

“I am a graduate nurse and I raised my children on Apinol. It is the most soothing and effective antiseptic I’ve ever used. In fact, it is all I ever use for most everything.” -Mrs. W. W. Newell Charlotte, NC.

“We raised five children who when cut, hurt or bruised were healed with Apinol. Miraculous claims are true. Just use it and see.” - Mrs. C. J. SLindown Raidswits, NC.

“I don’t understand why it’s so hard to find something that is so good for cuts and sores. Believe me it is the best stuff on the market.” …”In Florida, at my daughters, her fingers were cracked open and bleeding. I had about a teaspoon full with me and she used it. She said it was wonderful.” - Ann Branch Wash. DC

“it (Apinol) is a Grand Wonderful medicine.” -- Mrs. Anna Edenton, Partlow, VA.

“It (Apinol) is the very best over the counter (in fact it is far better than many prescription medication I have ever used.” --Mrs. Irene Mulwee, Va. Beach VA.

“I have ingrown toenails and I get lots of relief from it (Apinol).” --C. R. Dayton Frostburg, MD.

Apinol (Pine Oil) First Aid Antiseptic by Apinol LLC - 2oz.

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